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ACSModel is an AM directional antenna moment method modeling program based on the MININEC3 core.

This is an AM Broadcast specific program. You cannot use it to model your HF quad! You can, however, use it to model eligible AM directional antenna systems under the new FCC AM modeling rules. The program allows calibration to the measured impedance matrix, detuning of unused radiators and determination of the base- or loop-sampled operating parameters of AM arrays.

The user specifies the frequency, defines the model "wires" (towers and top-loading) and enters the directional parameters. The program runs the unity drive solution, calculates the drive matrix and the user can then run the model with any of several outputs.

ACSModel wire input screen accepts input in Geographic or Cartesian coordinates and freely converts between the two.

In addition to currents, ACSModel provides an output of driving point (source) impedances and power distribution.

******************** SOURCE DATA ********************
Pulse 1 Voltage = (1039.7094, -2271.5258j)
Current = (-3.8208, -26.3879j)
Impedance = (78.726, 50.8j)
Power = 27984.12 Watts

Pulse 21 Voltage = (417.44, -999.7322j)
Current = (20.9472, -1.7989j)
Impedance = (23.851, -45.678j)
Power = 5271.3 Watts

Pulse 41 Voltage = (880.6803, 469.3886j)
Current = (37.3464, 1.276j)
Impedance = (23.983, 11.749j)
Power = 16744.58 Watts

Total Power = 49999.998 Watts

A graphical plot of the produced directional pattern is an available output to allow the user to check the model.

A log-log plot of the E field versus distance is also available.

ACSModel will import AM database files generated by AMQuery and AMPAT (including top-loading!), saving the user all the trouble of manually entering the model geometry.


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