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ATU Design Screen

ATU Design provides an easy and fast means of designing a tee network and providing leg values for 0.5 to 1.5 R, nominal phase 20, nominal load reactance a user-selected value, and 1.5 times the nominal power.  User input consists of transmission line nominal impedance, load resistance, load reactance, phase shift and power. Optionally, a +/- 15 kHz impedance sweep can be input. The program then calculates and displays all the combinations and provides peak modulated voltage and current for each combination and for the worst case. The network input resistance, reactance and VSWR are also calculated and displayed for carrier and optionally, for the 5 kHz, 10 kHz and 15 kHz sidebands. The user can then select a capacitor value for each leg while observing the effect on network bandwidth and symmetry.

The program also provides a Smith chart display of the network input, normalized to the specified characteristic impedance of the transmission line. The user can select the target VSWR value and see the VSWR circle on the chart. As the network is manipulated with different capacitor values, the user can see the cusp and tell at a glance whether the sideband VSWR values are all within the target maximum.


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